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General Laborers – Irrigation and Landscape Lighting
Our laborers are the backbone of our organizations and respected as such. They are the ones that are in the trenches turning our designs and visions into reality. As a laborer, you will work with technicians, foremen and supervisors and help to support them in accomplishing their daily tasks. Although experience is not required, preferential treatment will be given to those with over 1 year of experience. Apply Now

Technicians – Irrigation and Landscape Lighting
Our technicians have a huge role to play in terms of our success. It is the technicians that put their experience and reputation on the line at a job site. Once at the job site, it is up to the technicians to identify the best course of action and communicate that to their helpers. If there are any issues that need to be addressed, it is the technicians that grab the “bull by its horns” and take charge of the situation. We ask that you have at least two years of experience installation and troubleshooting the respective systems. Apply Now

Foremen & Supervisors – Irrigation and Landscape Lighting
Our Foreman and Supervisors have a great amount of trust instilled in them. They are responsible for allocating the proper materials, tools and equipment needed for a particular job, planning and executing the most efficient installation and troubleshooting / repair strategies, maintaining and filing proper documentation, and sustaining employee morale and development, with a focus on integrity and responsibility, not only to our clients but to our employees. We require at least 3 years of experience for these positions, but occasionally accepted an individual with 2 year experience if the right characteristics are present. Apply Now

Sales and Marketing – Irrigation and Landscape Lighting
It is not only our dedication in the field, but the comparable efforts by our Sales and Marketing team that has allowed Southern Irrigation to grow into a premier Sprinkler Irrigation and Landscape Lighting maintenance company. Our Sales and Marketing staff are responsible for: promoting the business, developing new relationships, and meeting with current and future clients. It takes a person with a specific skill set to accomplish these tasks, and if you think you got what it takes. Apply Now

Clerical – Irrigation and Landscape Lighting
Our receptionists play an important role and are at often times, the face of our company. They are usually the first contact point for prospective clients and also often in charge of passing valuable information from our existing clients to our sales and marketing associates, supervisors, and managers. Our receptionists also have secretarial duties in ensuring the organization and delivery of important paper work and verbal and digital information. Apply Now