How to Identify a Broken Sprinkler Line

Stop Costly & Damaging Leaks

A broken sprinkler line might be easy to repair if only you can spot it! Follow these steps to spot sprinkler line leaks yourself. You have the team at Southern Irrigation in Nashville, Tennessee, to rely on for sprinkler repairs.

Finding the Leak

Running water through the sprinkler system will help you locate the exact location of a leak. If your system is separated into zones, activating them one at a time will make the search easier. Run the water for around two minutes before you check the lines.

1. Listen for Running Water

The soothing sound of running water isn’t so relaxing when it’s coming from a broken sprinkler line. Follow the sounds of running water to pinpoint the location of leaks.

2. Look for Water Spouting

Water that sprays out of a section of the line rather than the sprinkler head clearly indicates a leak. If a sprinkler line is exposed enough that you can see the water spraying out of a crack, use a marker to identify the exact location. It might not be as visible when the water is turned off. Puddles coming from the soil also indicate a leak in the line underneath.

3. Look for Sprinkler Heads That Aren’t Working

The sprinkler heads themselves can indicate problems with the lines. If one row is spraying less water or not at all, that indicates that water isn’t reaching them properly. The break will likely be between the last working sprinkler and the first weak one.

Contact Us Today!

Once you’ve found the leak, turn off the sprinkler system and call Southern Irrigation in Nashville, Tennessee. Having trouble finding the problem? Skip these steps entirely by contacting us straight away! Our team can help you repair things! If you want to take on the repair yourself, wait a couple of minutes for the water to leave the system, and be sure to close the valve completely.

Written by Southern Irrigation

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