How to Plan Your Irrigation System

Understanding the Installation Process

Irrigation installation can be a challenging task as a homeowner. If you’re looking for a luscious garden with ample year-round water in Nashville, Tennessee, find out how you can enjoy professional, comprehensive irrigation system planning and installation.

Plan Your Irrigation System

An irrigation system needs to be carefully planned for maximum effect. Water sprinkler heads can use a variety of nozzles to adjust the length, width and spray type. Depending on your water pressure, you’ll need to separate a number of sprinkler heads into different zones using valve manifolds. The entire system then must be connected to your home water and electrical system.

Dig Trenches for Water Lines

The first irrigation installation step is to dig trenches for water lines. Even a small yard requires a significant amount of trenching, which can be exhausting work without proper tools. A trenching machine makes the process go much more efficiently but can pose a risk if you can’t identify buried conduit for phone, cable, and electrical systems. A professional irrigation technician can create efficient trenches without damaging nearby systems.

Install Valves and Sprinkler Heads

After the basic water lines are run, the valves and sprinkler heads need to be attached. Sprinkler heads must be buried at a specific height to ensure they accurately deploy when pressurized but also remain underground when you walk, drive or ride a lawnmower across them. Incorrect installation of any of these components can result in an underground leak. Finding leaks in an irrigation system is a time-consuming process, so it’s best to have a professional install your system correctly the first time.

Connect to your Electrical and Water Systems

Finally, connecting your system can be both difficult and dangerous without a licensed technician. A control panel needs to be installed and wired into your home’s electrical system and connected to your valves. The main irrigation water line should be safely connected to your water main using a backflow preventer.

If you’re ready to enjoy the hassle-free professional installation of your irrigation system, schedule a service from Southern Irrigation today. As your leading irrigation company in Nashville, Tennessee, we provide affordable systems and comprehensive servicing for hands-off lawn care.

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