Commercial Lighting in Nashville, TN

Outdoor Landscape Lighting With Southern Irrigation

Commercial Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation

Our Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting division is second to none. Just like when conducting irrigation maintenance or installation, we take pride in every aspect of a lighting job. From the fact that we only use the landscape lighting parts that have been proven to be the best in the industry, to doing routine follow ups, Southern Irrigation is more than capable of handling any outdoor landscape lighting project.

Professional lighting installation with no disturbance to your home or landscaping. Low voltage landscape lighting is an art form that requires quality, creativity, professional installation and proper lighting techniques. We do not employ any “rookies”, but only individuals that have at least two years of experience and a good understanding of design and product specifications.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting serve more functions than simple landscape lightning. These outdoor lightings can bring a glow to your pathways or light up your driveway entrance. There are a number of practical reasons for your investment in outdoor lighting. Making your home safer from accidents and burglars can be one of the many reasons to buy outdoor lighting. Both landscape lighting and outdoor lighting is requirements that brighten up the outdoor areas near your home and bring a cozy, liquid glow that is sure to highlight any night.

Commercial Outdoor Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting has elements that work in unison to perform at the optimal level. These parts and materials will degrade over time due to expected wear and tear and need to be serviced accordingly in a regular cycle. The simplest being the bulb (Average life of 4-5,000 hours) to more time consuming maintenance of transformers, voltage efficiency, fixture and wire replacements, etc. Our maintenance team gets trained in the life cycles of each part, so they know when to inspect certain parts, regardless of malfunction. They are also provided with a monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, and year checklists to ensure that all you Landscape Light parts are in good working conditions.

Commercial Outdoor Landscape Lighting Troubleshooting and Repair
With all the different Outdoor Landscape Lighting brands and their specific operations and specifications, Troubleshooting and Repairing Landscape Lighting functions can be time consuming and costly if not done correctly. Our Team of Commercial Landscape Lighting Technicians have worked on Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems that range in size and complexity all over Greater Nashville. Landscape Lighting parts can be expensive and it takes the right lighting technician to identify whether a part is repairable, through various techniques, or if it, in fact, needs to be replaced. There are also many strategies that can be implemented to save on material cost, energy consumption, and maintenance service calls, that our Commercial Landscape Lighting Team has aquired through years of expertise and daily diligence.