LED Landscape Lighting Installation in Nashville, TN

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LED Landscape Lighting

LED lighting offers many advantages over traditional lighting. LED bulbs last about 40,000-50,000 hours opposed to the 4,000-5,000 hours of traditional lighting. For the average user, that means replacing bulbs every 12-15 years rather than every 1.5 years. LED lighting fixtures are more durable and require less up-keep, saving you time and money on the traditional maintenance cycles.

LED lights also require fewer watts to be powered, therefore, more lighting fixtures are able to go on a single transformer, saving not only cost of transformers, but also the wiring required to connect all the fixtures. Not only is LED light more efficient in energy consumption, product life, and amount of materials required for installation, but it offers a much cleaner and crisper light. The soft white light that it emits (as opposed to the soft yellowish light emitted by traditional landscape lighting), does not alter the appearance of the object being lit, on the contrary, it brings out even more the focal points of that object and areas, while providing a greater distance that can be illuminated.

Due to the properties of LED lighting, manufactures are able to make LED fixtures in a plethora or shapes and sizes. LEDs were first seen in the consumer market as power lights, such as in VCRs and TVs to let the operator know it was on or off. This was a convenient way to do so because of the long bulb life of the light. Today we are able to fit LED fixtures in objects no bigger than the point on a pen. As advancements have been made, we are now able to set LED fixtures in tighter and more obscure locations, such as on branches of trees to highlight different areas of the tree, without bringing attention to unwanted areas.

LED lighting does have its trade offs. In order to receive the long-term savings from LEDs, you will have to pay a little more up-front (cost of installation). However, when considering the benefits of using fewer transformers, less wiring, money saved on not having to replace bulbs, less energy consumption, fewer maintenance service hours, and just cleaner, crisper and more stable lighting you may decide that the trade-off is in your favor. Ask a representative how you can recover the additional installation costs in as little as 5 years.

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting Installation

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting is a great an effective way to: Highlight the design of your home, Enhance the beauty of your yard and garden, Create nighttime entertainment and living areas for your patio, deck and pool, and Improve the safety and security of driveways, walkways and your home. Low-Voltage Landscape lighting adds value to your investment, not only financially, but aesthetically and in the means of security. Landscape Lighting is breathtaking in its beauty and provides a safe, secure and welcoming environment to come home to. Also, Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting is affordable, effective and is a primary deterrent to residential crime.

Southern Irrigation has installed and serviced hundreds of Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems over the years and has invested in attracting and further developing the best Landscape Lighting professionals in the area. We can install a Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting System with no disturbance to your yard and do it, usually within one day. Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting is an art form requiring quality, creativity, professional installation and proper lighting techniques.

Sticking to our core principles, we know that our success is directly dependent on your satisfaction and we would do nothing to jeopardize our relationships. We would never send anyone to your home that we would not send to ours, and we would never allow anyone to work on your system if that individual does not have a proven track record of superior production and years of experience in the field.