Outdoor Lighting Repair in Nashville, TN

Quality Repair & Service with Southern Irrigation

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Our Annual Landscape Lighting Maintenance program allows us to ensure that your Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting System stays at optimal operating conditions throughout the year. When you enroll in the program, we will: replace all bulbs, rebury wiring, replace damaged connections or wiring (if needed), straighten fixtures, inspect the transformer, reset or check the timer, and make adjustments to enhance your landscape lighting system’s effects. Our highly trained landscape lighting maintenance specialists can also work on any Low-Voltage landscape lighting systems installed by another company to ensure your system stays radiant and dazzling year-round.

Quick Outdoor Lighting Repair

We know that, even with maintenance, a epair can pop-up. From weather hazards to curious animals to accidents – there are several factors that can cause you to need a lighting repair. Luckily, Southern Irrigation is here to help! Our team of experts is ready to provide you with the best service possible, quickly and easily.

Quality Service

Southern Irrigation has been designing, installing and repairing lights since 2005. We have, not only stayed in business, but have steadily grown of the years because of our commitment and dedication to our clients. Your problems and concerns are treated as if they were ours and get addressed in a timely manner to minimize any lack of production. See how we can take your home or business to the next level of sophistication. Call us today to schedule a consultation with one of our outdoor lighting designers.